ARG Surveys is a specialist surveying team, which has many years of experience both in the construction and asbestos industry.

All our surveyors are trained to P402 level. This is training by the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) for the bulk sampling and identification of asbestos. This course also covers Risk Management and Management Strategies 

The main purpose of an asbestos survey is to make the duty holder and others aware of the locations of asbestos within a building to ensure the safety of employees, contractors and the general public. 

There are two types of survey for asbestos containing material (ACM’s) and the Duty Holder, building owner, employer and surveyor need to be clear on the type of survey needed, where the survey is needed , and what records should result. 

Management Surveys

This survey is to identify areas of asbestos within a building. This is a non-intrusive survey, which allows the surveyor to visualise areas of asbestos and sample them for analysis. 

This is the basis for a risk based plan of management, identifying areas that may be a problem during occupancy, including installation of services and maintenance. 

We also offer a return to premises and update on your asbestos survey, which should be carried out annually 

Refurbishment/Demolition Survey

This is required prior to any major refurbishment or demolition works commencing. 

It is a fully intrusive survey requiring full access to all areas of a building, including service areas. The surveyor will remove areas of ceilings, walls floors etc to enable him to map and sample areas which may contain asbestos. The samples will then be analysed and a plan made for removal of the asbestos prior to refurbishment or demolition.

In both types of survey, we will issue a hard copy of our report including analysis. The report will map out the areas of concern and give a plan of action for the client to follow. We also provide a copy of our report on CD, which allows easy updating in the coming years.

Contaminated Soil 

Our surveyors can also sample contaminated soil and plan with you how to remove, treat or monitor all Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’S) in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

We are also able to offer a sampling only service in which we take a sample of the suspect material and send for analysis to an independent UKAS accredited laboratory. The report of analysis is then forwarded to you.