Where is Asbestos Found?

Below is a list of areas in which Asbestos could be found in a property

Asbestos could be present in any building that was built or refurbished before the year 2000.

  1. Water Tank: Is usually made of asbestos cement and is often found in older properties (pre 1980).
  2. Pipe Lagging: Asbestos insulation on pipes. Used to keep heat in or cold out. Often painted over or protected by outer coating so not obviously asbestos.
  3. Property Insulation: Loose asbestos can be found as insulation in wall and floor cavities and in lofts.
  4. Textured coating (eg artex): Can be found throughout property on ceilings and sometimes walls.
  5. Soffit Board (roof overhang): Soffit board sits behind fascia at eaves level. Board can be made from asbestos cement or asbestos insulating board.
  6. Toilet cistern: Toilet cisterns can contain asbestos-reinforced resin composite materials.
  7. Wall Panelling: Asbestos can be found as external wall cladding and as internal wall panelling both particularly around windows.
  8. Fuse box: Often found in hall or under stairs. Each fuse wire has an individual asbestos flash guard. Panel behind fuse box can be asbestos.
  9. Heater Cupboard: Heater cupboard around a domestic boiler often contains asbestos insulating board.
  10. Floor tiles: Vinyl and thermoplastic floor tiles can contain asbestos. The tile backing may also contain asbestos paper.
  11. Rainwater items: Roof gutters and down pipes can often be made of asbestos cement.